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Monthly Lawn Care Services in Winnipeg

Save time and get a healthier lawn with our team at First Choice Lawn Care Inc in Winnipeg. Vibrant, healthy lawns take time and the proper care. Our team can help your commercial or residential lawn look luscious and green all summer long. If you're looking for help to maintain your lawn so you can enjoy summer, our team offers monthly lawn care services including mowing, fertilizing, and weed care.

Spring Lawn Care | April to May

Our Winnipeg spring clean-up gets your lawn ready for summer. Listed below are our services to help you get started.

  • Power Broom – Starting at $37:  Get the sand and salt removed from your driveway and lawn so your grass can absorb the sun and air.
  • Power Rake – Starting at $130:  Dethatch your lawn and spruce up the look of your yard.
  • Spring Clean-Up:  Includes power raking as well as blowing out all gardens, shrubs and flower beds.
  • Fertilizer and Weed Control:  Once the lawn has been cleaned up, it's time to start thinking of growth. Our slow release fertilizers will encourage good, steady growth of your lawn, resulting in a great looking lawn.
  • Lawn Aeration:  We offer spring and fall aeration. This service helps break up soil compaction to help water, air and other nutrients get into the ground.

Summer Lawn Care | May to September

Starting at $130 a month, we provide weekly lawn mowing throughout the summer. First Choice Lawn Care Inc is Winnipeg's best year-round property care company for Winnipeg homes and businesses. Our Winnipeg summer lawn care program includes:

  • Monthly lawn mowing (from May to September)
  • Clipping removal from property and proper disposing at the city compost
  • Power trimming lawn edges with a string trimmer
  • Optional: eaves trough cleaning,shrubs trimming, and fertilizer and weed control

Fall Lawn Care | October

Our Winnipeg fall clean-up is included in our year round property care. On an October day, when most of the leaves are down, our fall cleaning includes:

  • Leaf raking
  • Blowing out of gardens, shrubs, and flower beds
  • Hauling of leaves and grass from your property to the city compost
  • One final lawn cutting before winter comes

Call or email us for more information or to book your seasonal service now.

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